What is Transportit?
Transportit is tha App that allows you to get the order without third party companies, this will save your time and will help you to increase the income
How the app works?
After you register as a shipper, you will be able to choose the order that fits your working schedule, you can offer the shipping seeker the optimal price for transportation and if accepted complete the order
Why should you work with us?
While using app, you are able to see every order that your truck can handle, you make the price for the service by your own, pay less commission fee and the payment is made in the shortest time possible after finishing the order
What is the fee and how do I pay it?
The fee is 00% for every order, the deduction is made from the payment for the finished order. This is automatic process and does not need manual involve
How to register?
For registration click on the "become a shipper" button on the home page and fill the fields, our representative will contact you in a short period of time or you can call us on the number indicated in the contacts.