About us

Our credo.

Is a value set that guides the company, determines it’s actions and builds the unique figure on the competitive market.
Our credo is built on the three basic values: “Quality of the service”, “Respect for the individual” and “The aspiration to the perfection”

  1. Quality of the service determines the image of the company, the society attitude over it. That’s why quality is uncompromised, high level of the standards are shown as in a spotless service, also in the high quality of the customer support and adequacy. Our innovative service demands huge time and energy to set on the market, that still consists of old standards and the best decision to establish our self is to keep high level of the quality and never turn from this way.
  2. Respect for the individual is the starting point, from where the company starts the development. Our shippers and team members are the foundation, where colons of success are raised. Every job made by them with brilliance is one more brick in common work, appreciation of them is our main goal, the fair and competitive attitude in the company creates the bright future for everyone who wants to.
  3. The aspiration to the perfection is the locomotive that moves the company, as constant upgrade, streaming to innovation and setting new standards are the things that develop us as the leaders on the forwarding market.

Our mission.

To create innovative product with features, that decreases the time of getting the service, will save your energy, give you availability to control the process, will simplify the accounting and is budget friendly. Our mission is to find and propose simple solutions for the complexed problems

Advantages we are proud of
Simplicity of the order
The app will save your time and energy, you are able to find the truck you need and get it by optimal price for the service
Our shippers are professionals with spotless history and the rating granted by other customers will simplify your choice
Track your cargo at any time of the day and contact the driver if needed. Your every order is insured